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This is an example of a sizing guide available at the bottom of each of the four product pages for The AFO, The Glide, The Heelift and The Traction Boot

Heelift® Glide - StandardHSGSGL

Heelift Glide Standard

Calf Circumference
20 cm – 36 cm
Height Range
152 cm – 196 cm
Weight Range
54 kilo – 113 kg

Heelift® Glide - BariatricHSBSBGL

Heelift Glide Bariatric

Calf Circumference
30 cm – 58 cm
Height Range
165 cm – 203 cm
Weight Range
100 kilo – 271 kg

Heelift® Glide - Petite


Heelift Glide Petite

Calf Circumference
15 cm – 25 cm
Height Range
117 cm – 163 cm
Weight Range
32 kilo – 50 kg
Length and height
measurements to be
used as a guide only.

Heelift® Products

The Heelift family consists of The Heelift Suspension Boot, The Heelift Traction Boot, The Heelift AFO, the new Heelift Glide and the Elbowlift Pad.

All four varieties are used for the prevention and treatment of heel pressure ulcers, with the Traction Boot and the AFO both providing additional features.
The Heelift completely eliminates pressure as the heel is suspended in a protective space.

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Special features make the Heelift Suspension Boot - a unique product - in both smooth and original (convoluted).


The Heelift Glide has a soft, smooth exterior fabric allowing the patient's leg to "glide" from side to side, thereby preventing it from catching on sheets and blankets.


The Heelift AFO offers a unique combination of benefits not found in other AFO products.

Heeltractionlogo Tractionboot bed tractionboot

Heelift Traction Boot provides an inventive method of applying skin traction to help stabilise femur fractures prior to surgery and to help prevent heel pressure ulcers after surgery.

elbowlift logoelbowlift-strapelbowlift-smelbowlift-wheelchair

Prevent elbow discomfort and injury with the Elbowlift Suspension Pad. The pad is very lightweight, washable and ideal for bed-ridden patients or those confined to a wheelchair.