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This product is sold individually and not in pairs
The fit is universal and therefore fits both left and right feet

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Heelift® Glide

Heelift Glide is the latest innovation by DM Systems. What makes Heelift Glide so unique? A soft, smooth exterior fabric allows the patient’s leg to “glide” from side to side, thereby preventing it from catching on sheets and blankets. That means:

  • The foot stays in the proper position

  • Less nursing time is needed to reposition the patient

  • Heel pressure ulcer prevention is maximised


  • Durable, Yet Soft, Smooth Exterior: Allows the patient’s leg to glide easily across the sheets.

  • Forefoot Strap: Keeps the boot in place and helps support the forefoot.

  • Friction-Free Tricot Backing: Unlike products with sharp edges, Heelift Glide, like all Heelift products, is manufactured with a smooth tricot backing that aids in patient mobility and safety.

  • Tricot Covered Stiffener: Prevents Heelift Glide from buckling.

  • Ventilation Holes: Provide additional air circulation to promote increased patient comfort and a cooler boot. Glide is 40% lighter than pillow-style boots.

  • “Easy-on, Easy-off” Rounded Straps: Easy to use, the soft straps can be adjusted to accommodate the patient’s specific needs.

  • Choice of Two Interiors: Heelift Glide is available with a choice of two foam interiors. Smooth foam is available for patients with edematous legs while convoluted foam creates a cooler boot.

  • Extended forefoot: A longer forefoot area helps protect toes.

  • Deluxe exterior stitching: Reinforces the structure of the boot while making the boot less bulky.

  • Washable/Autoclavable: Like other Heelift products, Heelift Glide can be washed safely in a net or mesh laundry bag and can be autoclaved for sterility. For more information visit our instructions page


Heelift Glide is indicated for patients who are at high risk for heel pressure ulcers or who have experienced pressure ulcers in the past.

Heelift Glide can play an integral role in offloading the heel to help prevent heel pressure ulcers. Unlike pillows, which can actually aggravate heel cord contracture, Heelift Glide assists in keeping the patient’s foot in the correct position for heel pressure ulcer prevention. Compared to pillows and other heel offloading devices, Heelift Glide can also save a lot of nursing time.

When using pillows, the caregiver has to determine1

  • Whether the pillow is thick enough to actually prevent the heel from making contact with the bed

  • Whether there are enough pillows to fully elevate the heel

  • Whether the pillow is properly relieving pressure on the heel while also helping to avoid foot drop

  • Whether the patient is remaining in the ideal position for heel pressure ulcer prevention

Because Heelift Glide “glides” across the sheets, the patient’s foot will stay in place even better than it would in other professional offloading devices. This not only provides more effective care for the patient, but it also means fewer adjustments and less time spent reapplying the boot.


Sizing Guidelines

Calf Circumference
20 cm – 36 cm
15 cm – 25 cm
30 cm – 58 cm
Height range
152 cm – 196 cm
111 cm – 163 cm
165 cm – 203 cm
Weight Rsnge
54 kilo – 113 kg
32 kilo – 50 kg
100 kilo – 271 kg
Foam Interior
Product Code

*Length and height measurements to be used as a guide only.


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 Heelift® Glide. It's About Time.

1 Bordner, Theda, MSN, RN. "Preventing Heel Ulcers in Hip Fracture Patients."