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This product is sold individually and not in pairs
The fit is universal and therefore fits both left and right feet

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Heelift® Suspension Boot

Heelift Standard Suspension Boot has long set the bar for heel pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. Heelift effectively eliminates pressure from the heel by offloading all pressure from the heel and redistributing the pressure to the calf, preventing the development of heel pressure ulcers. A gentle cradling and cushioning of the lower leg with the heel elevated in protective space reduces the chances for irritation or pressure points.


Heelift Standard Suspension Boot offers the following features:


Extended stitching: Located along the top rim, the added stitching narrows the forefoot and increases support to provide improved protection against foot drop, equines deformity, or heel cord contracture.


 "Easy-on, Easy-off" Rounded Straps: Easy to use, the soft straps can be adjusted to accommodate the patient's specific needs.

TRICOTFriction-free tricot backing: Unlike other suspension products, which can have sharp edges on the back that can rub against the patient's other leg, Heelift is manufactured with a smooth tricot backing that aids in patient mobility and helps ensure patient safety.

  • Two types of foam: Heelift Standard is available in Smooth foam or in Convoluted foam. Smooth foam is ideal for patients with edematous legs as it will not create "impressions" on the leg. Convoluted foam is slightly cooler to wear.

  • Ventilation holes: Ventilation holes provide additional air circulation to promote increased patient comfort. Heelift is 40% lighter than pillow-style boots.

  • Tricot covered stiffener: This feature prevents Heelift from buckling for added patient comfort and safety.

  • Forefoot support: Spring back technology helps to keep the foot upright.

  • Washable/Autoclavable: Like other Heelift products, Heelift can be washed safely in a net or mesh laundry bag and can be autoclaved for sterility. For more information visit our instructions page.


Heelift Standard Suspension Boot can play an integral role in heel pressure ulcer prevention regimens for susceptible, high-risk patients as well as for patients already suffering from heel pressure ulcers. Risk factors for the development of heel pressure ulcers include:

• Age
• Decreased sensation in the lower extremities from spinal cord injuries or neurological diagnoses
• Moisture from perspiration or incontinence
• Poor nutrition
• Circulatory complications
• Friction or shearing caused by dragging or sliding a patient across bed sheets, which can allow unprotected heels to rub on the bed surface

Use of Heelift Standard Suspension Boot, together with scheduled turning of the patient, careful monitoring, and other prevention procedures, has been clinically proven to help reduce heel pressure prevalence over time1.

Sizing Guidelines

Calf Circumference
20 cm – 36 cm
15 cm – 25 cm
30 cm – 58 cm
Height range
152 cm – 196 cm
111 cm – 163 cm
165 cm – 203 cm
Weight Rsnge
54 kilo – 113 kg
32 kilo – 50 kg
100 kilo – 271 kg
Foam Interior
Product Code

*Length and height measurements to be used as a guide only.

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