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Heelift® Videos

The Heelift family consists of The Heelift Suspension Boot, The new Heelift Glide, The Heelift Traction Boot and The Heelift AFO. All four are used for the prevention and treatment of heel pressure ulcers, with the Traction Boot and the AFO both providing additional features. Also shown here is the related Elbowlift.

Heelift® Glide Features
Length = 3:18

Heelift® Application
Length = 1:27

Heelift® Customisation
Length = 3:02

The Advantages of Heelift
Length = 3:03

Heelift® Suspension Boot Features, Application and Customisation
Length = 6:57

Heelift® AFO Features, Application and Customisation
Length = 7:00

Heelift® Traction Boot - Stabilising Traction for Pre-Surgical Femur Fractures
Length = 3:55

Elbowlift® - Helps Prevent Elbow Discomfort and Injury
Length = 3:04